Shitty History

Cafe & Art Gallery RUPLA has always liked trying unusual things. Shitty Service Dinner got it's first inspiration in US version called Dic's Last Resort. Actor Joonas Kääriäinen visited the place with RUPLA's co-founder Johannes Laine. This american buzz didn't fit so well in Finnish context so we created totally unique farce - many say much funnier one. Joonas got group of actors to join and they got masters in making fun of people. RUPLA's Godfather Matti Vilhunen started to manage the whole shit.  Shitty Service Dinner was born in spring 2016 and got lot of attention immediately. The most of people like it a lot, some not at all.


After the start came the usual more quiet period until it got busier towards the end of the first active year. The bomb dropped in winter season 2017 when gift cards to the dinners were sold too much and this became some sort of gift of the year. Resellers gift cards had fucked up profit margin so we entertained thousands of people for half free. 


No pain no gain. Now we try our own resale shit and when you buy we gain. But it's fun as hell and also one of the most bizarre dinner concepts there is - come with curious open mind to have fun!



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